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Picking the right company to have your pool ready for the fun

November 17, 2015 Category :Water Conversation 0

Cleaning the pool might seem easy; however ensure that the Pool cleaning service company you hire does the following. Finding a good Las Vegas pool maintenance company is not that hard!

How to clean the pool 

One of the greatest motivations to create this step by step manual for pool cleaning was a lot of questions like:

How do I know the Las Vegas pool maintenance company I hired is really doing the right service?

Most people think that cleaning the pool is a simple job and it comes down to cleaning the surface with a sieve to remove insects, leaves and other things. However, they end up forgetting all the rest of the cleanup work that is crucial to having the water not turn green or murky.

Cleaning pools is a simple task. However, there are several steps that require a great deal of responsibility, patience and experience.


1. Clear around the pool. This includes the edge of the pool, the deck, and all around the pool. Factors such as the wind, the presence of plants and the movement of people and animals can cause greater accumulation of dirt on the outside of the pool. Thus start cleaning this part, always towards the edge of the pool out, in order not to let the dirt fall into the pool.

In this first step, keep in mind that to clean each type of material (wood, marble, stone, etc.) there is a specific product.

2. Clean the skimmer and pre-filter pump pool.

The skimmer is a device that sits on the side of the pool retrieving the dirt that may fall on the water’s surface. If the pool has this device, you must empty the skimmer dirt tank manually and keep it clean.

The pre-filter pump, and the skimmer needs to be cleaned manually.

Remember to turn off the filtration system and close the records needed before opening the prefilter compartment!

3. Perform sieving. It is the cleanliness of the whole water surface. With the help of a telescopic handle equipped with a vane leaf strainer on the end you should remove any dirt that is on the surface of the pool. Remove leaves, insects, twigs and all waste that are floating in the pool.

4. Brush the walls and bottom of the pool. Make sure the Las Vegas pool maintenance company does it well.

This is the entire pool cleaning coating.

This step serves for preventing the formation of stains and buildup of algae, fungi and bacteria in the pool surfaces, ie, walls and bottom.

To brush the pool, only use soft brushes, regardless of which is the lining of your pool, if it is tile, vinyl, fiber, epoxy paint, stones, wood, no matter!

NEVER let any Las Vegas pool maintenance company use brushes with metal bristles and steel wool, because you certainly will permanently damage the finish of your pool!

You can find seps to clean your pool on your own: http://home.howstuffworks.com/10-pool-maintenance-tips.htm

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